Pallette orange aqua

One of the first things that I began thinking about when I got engaged was my color scheme . . . it’s what you base EVERYTHING around and really sets the tone for the night.  Two to three colors for a wedding is about average in order to have a sense of design and unity, anything more may look chaotic (I discovered this :).

 For some it’s easy to choose, for others {me} you change your mind a lot.  I’ve already chosen mine, but reading around the other day I found this really FUN toy, I mean tool, from Big Huge Labs called the Palette Generator  (thank you Bliss Weddings & Aisle Dash)! You can upload any image (find a picture you’re naturally drawn too) from your computer and it will instantly produce a “harmonious color palette” for you.  Try it, you’ll be hooked! I have no idea what I’m going to do with all these palettes I made!

palette purple brown



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