feeling {nostalgic}

I’ve been feeling very nostalgic lately.  I love the movies, the style, the music of {way back when}.  I’ve always been fascinated by my parents’ and grandparents’ childhood photos and the time they grew up in. Everything seemed peaceful . . . and beautiful. I am very drawn to this world I can only know through others’ words and their memories on paper.  The source of the nostalgia came when I went home last weekend and discovered an old photo album in my parents’ closet.  To my delight, the album was full of pictures from their wedding day in {August 1982}.  I’d seen all these pictures before, but I looked at them differently now . . . I looked at them and saw me and my future husband standing there just like my parents had 27 years ago.  In order to hold on to that feeling of {bliss}, I created this collage to remind myself to smile amongst all the haste and stress of planning my wedding and to look forward to the joy of being married to a wonderful man.

Mom and Dad vintage collage

My parents’ wedding August 21, 1982

 On another note, I recently came across these {BEAUTIFUL} vintage engagement photos. Finding them very fitting to my mood, I wanted to share them with you. They serve as a stunning inspiration to anyone who is as fascinated by the past as I am. 


 JSPhotoJoeJulieBlog_02  JSPhotoJoeJulieBlog_22


Jen Stewart Photography



From Vintage Glam Weddings

While these photos aren’t necessarily my future husband’s idea of an engagement session, I think I talked him into having a little fun {like this} with ours :).  If this isn’t your idea of what the engagement photos should be either, I suggest searching through wedding and photography blogs on the net for a look that fits you.  For some hometown inspiration check out Stone Castle Photography for unique settings, Mind Castle Studios for a modern look or Memory Montage Productions for a touch of old school charm (as seen on their Facebook page).  Regardless of your style, just remember this is a great opportunity to have fun, be romantic and be playful.  When else do you get to dress up for a photo shoot?!



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  1. Hi Kadee and Kyle,
    My wife and I were married this year on June 27th in Selah…We used all local vendors for our wedding, almost exclusively from the Yakima Brides magazine. I plan to do some things with my website similar to yours, but more focused on review and comments on the vendors we worked with.

    Both Kylie and I are very busy right now, so the site really needs some updating, but I’ll try to work on it a bit this weekend.

    May God Bless your wedding plans!
    Joe Holman

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