Movie Review #5

Okay sorry I slacked this weekend, I was not ready for my first day of marathon month…this is not the precedent for the rest of the month, {I PROMISE}. Since I am a day behind, this week’s posts will run Tuesday through Saturday…Enjoy!

#5 My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Big Fat Greek Wedding movie 


I’m not Greek, but I love the tag line of this movie “Love is here to stay . . . so is her family”.  This lighthearted romance is a simple love story and an easy watch and {may be more appreciated by my brides than by my grooms ;)}. Toula is stuck in the ideals of her Greek parents and doesn’t understand some of the wishes they expect her to adhere to.  However, Toula eventually breaks out of her reclusive shell and changes into a bold and charming woman, who ends up falling in love with a non-Greek – a small detail her parents struggle with.  Torn between her family and her love, this film addresses the role of tradition, eccentric family behavior and how to deal with not quite so approving parents. 

Lesson Learned: A funny film about love, Toula and Ian teach us all that a little patience and understanding are key to putting up with your {parents and in-laws} in order to earn the respect as a legitimate addition to the family.

Film Is Best For: Those of you with {or marrying into} crazy family antics that may seem hard to put up with but easy to love!

My Rating:

I give this laughable love connection 4 slices of cake…YUM!

 wedding cake slicewedding cake slicewedding cake slicewedding cake slice

Runner Up – That Old Feeling


That Old Feeling movie

This is definitely not a movie for everyone! Ex-partners, Lilly and Dan, are thrown together for the sake of their daughter’s wedding which neither seem to be happy about.  Negative about the thought of marriage in the first place, the two end up stealing the show and causing a huge scene during the wedding’s reception.  While Dan and Lilly’s love re-connects, this romantic comedy is more about the parents than it is the newlyweds.  The lackluster storyline’s best features come in the form of Bette Midler and Dennis Farina’s incessant slams on each other and their significant others {my fave “Why don’t you whistle for your broomstick, maybe it will come and get you!” – Dennis Farina to Bette Midler}. 

Lesson Learned: Don’t let your feuding folks ruin your big day!

Film Is Best For: Those of you wrought with stress at the thought of having to counsel your bickering divorced parents on your wedding.

My Rating:

Just 2 ½ slices for this one, don’t think I’ll be going back for seconds

 wedding cake slicewedding cake slicewedding cake slice   


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