Movie Review #4

#4 – My Best Friend’s Wedding

My Best Friend's Wedding


 #4 – My Best Friend’s Wedding

Best friends, and ex-college lovers, Julianne and Michael, made a pact to marry one another following their 28th birthdays if they hadn’t found “the one”.  Years later, with the deadline approaching, Julianne is expecting a proposal when Michael calls.  However, she only receives news that he’s {engaged} to be married in four days!    Bemused by the rush of it all, Michael arrives in their hometown {Chicago} and solicits “Jewels’” help in planning the wedding and acquainting his fiancée to their home town.  However, realizing the man she has loved all along is about to be married, the film is full of Julianne’s quirky ways to sabotage the imminent vows. I love, love, love this film and can’t get enough of Julia’s eccentric {i-love-life} laugh!

Lesson Learned: Though Julia’s antics, Cameron’s sunny disposition and Rupert’s witty remarks are sure to make you laugh and keep you entertained . . . Remember this: find where your heart is at and decide what to do about it, before it’s too late.

Film is Best For: Those of you fell in love with your best friend and who truly understand the weight of the phrase, “I’m going to marry my best friend”! 🙂

My Rating:

I give this destined relationship 5 slices …. more {please}

wedding cake slicewedding cake slicewedding cake slicewedding cake slicewedding cake slice

Honorable Mention – Monster-In-Law




PLEASE TAKE NOTE: this film in no way reflects the feeling or attitude I harbor for my mother-in-law {I absolutely respect and adore her}.  However, I think it’s a charming comedy about dealing with the not-so-loveable ones!

When Viola (Jane Fonda), a highly revered television journalist, gets canned by her network, she decides to focus her possessive and ruthless attention on the recent engagement of her son (Michael Vartan) and his fiancée Charlie (Jennifer Lopez).   Seeing Charlie as a threat, Fonda’s character continually pushes Charlie’s buttons in hopes of pushing her completely out. When Charlie has finally had enough, she retaliates, giving Viola a taste of her own medicine in which plenty of slapstick comebacks ensue . . . war is on!

Lesson Learned: As entertaining as it is for the viewer, make sure to resolve major issues (i.e. feuding with your mother-in-law) PRIOR to your wedding day . . . brides, I’m sure you’ll have enough to stress about!

Film is Best For: Brides with overbearing mother-in-laws.  This movie sheds a humorous light on having to deal with the dilemma . . . stick to living out your desires through Charlie 🙂

 My Rating:

As catty as they are, I think this mother- & daughter-in-law rival deserves 4 slices …. YUM!

wedding cake slicewedding cake slicewedding cake slicewedding cake slice


{ i may be a little generous on my slices 🙂 }

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