Movie Review #2

Movie Review #2 – The Bachelor Party

bachelor party 

{note: this film is rated R – not quite for everyone}

{a little peek for ya}

I think you’re expecting this by now… here’s the tagline for this ‘80s flick: Shocking, Shameless, Sinful, Wicked. And the party hasn’t even started. A man’s tradition every woman should know about.  Brides, that got your attention didn’t it? There is a whole world of ‘guy’ out there that we just either aren’t aware of (yet) or remain ignorant to. This film gives you an enlightened {and hilarious} insight in what guys really think a bachelor party entails. Though I haven’t seen it yet, I feel like The Hangover may be the new version of The Bachelor Party.

A young Tom Hanks plays the role of the easy-to-love {yet very flippant} bus driver Rick, who is engaged to Debbie, a high society patron’s young daughter (Tawney Kitaen – who, in her pre-train wreck days, was quite delightful in the film).  Rick’s rowdy friends decide to throw him a bachelor party of all parties at a fancy 5-Star hotel in town.  Catching wind of the festivities, Debbie’s father {who detests Rick} seizes the opportunity to break the two up by enlisting the help of her {vengeful} ex-boyfriend, Cole.  Throughout the night, the duo continues to disrupt the plans in hopes of eventually disrupting the marriage between Rick and Debbie.  I’m sure you can guess that the rest of the night is filled with wild surprises – everything from cheesy ‘80s music {love it} and fashion to hookers and a little nudity.  If you take the movie for what it is – a mischievous, all-in-fun affair – it’s easy to laugh at this slightly offensive comedy.  This film is surely a new {guilty pleasure} 🙂

Best for: Bride’s who are comfortable with, and trust their groom enough, to let him loose with his buddies for a “last outing”.  If you are not that bride . . . don’t watch this, it may cause panic 🙂  

Lesson Learned: be good grooms 😉 – applies to some of you brides as well!

My Rating

My first experience of this ‘80s-cheesy, but quite amusing mayhem, gets 5 slices from me . . . more {please}

wedding cake slicewedding cake slicewedding cake slicewedding cake slicewedding cake slice

And in a raunch second place for the day. . . American Wedding


{again, rated R – not for everyone}

{I’m sure most of you have seen it but just in case ;)}

And it’s another classically crude + inappropriate wedding comedy that showcases the not-so-delicate side of the big day.   In the third installment of the American Pie trilogy, the outrageous + wild Stifler is back as he almost ruins the pending nuptials of Jim and his ignorant sweetheart, Michelle.  From beginning to end, the movie is full of bizarre gags, unrealistic {but laugh-worthy} disasters and just plain wrong behavior including naughty under-the-table deeds, dog poo and an unfortunate shaving mishap . . . all courteous of the Pie gang.

Lesson Learned: Keep a close eye on the “Stifler” at your wedding!

Best for: Anyone who has the ability to laugh at dirty jokes + face-scrunching behavior . . . probably not suitable for the prim and proper.

 My Rating

Let the Pie gang eat cake! I give them 4 slices {I couldn’t give them less than Monster-In-Law!} . . . YUM!

 wedding cake slicewedding cake slicewedding cake slicewedding cake slice



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