Okay so for the past two months or so I’ve been busy taking a summer class and planning my FI’s surprise 30th birthday party! I’ve been SO focused and SO busy with them that, sadly :(,  I let my wedding planning duties fall by the wayside {during this time we also hit our ‘one year away’ mark}. 

However, after a week of recuperating from the events, wedding planning mode kicked in once again and this weekend was full of  nuptial preparation as I dug to the back of my closet and blew the dust off my monsterous-sized wedding planning book

wedding book

To be honest, I’m a little embarassed to post it on here {it’s even been slimmed down quite a bit!}, but it is, none-the-less, a part of the process.

My FI calmly nicknamed me Monica (from FRIENDS) after seeing it for the first time . . . I’m not sure why he was so calm – have you seen Monica as a bride? 🙂

{I realize not everyone is a FRIENDS fanatic so I posted this video below just in case}


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