Victory #2: Photographers


Stone Castle Photography

Victory #2: Wedding Photographer

Okay victory #1 was our venue, which is also a BIG deal, yes, but we booked that back in January (victory #1 ½ can be Kyle’s ring – monumental none-the-less).

Anyway . . . we booked our photographers!!  To two picture-lovin’, moment-catchin’, memory-makin’ fanatics {okay maybe way more me than him :)} this is h-u-g-e . . . huge.

This wasn’t an easy endeavor either.  Photographers are something we started looking at very early on in our engagement.  For the past year, I have immersed myself in their websites, blogs and facebook pages . . . all the way from Yakima to New York!  Easy to admit, I quickly became addicted to {and fell in love with} all the incredible, wonderful and inspirational artists {photographers} out there.

This was a hard decision.  Prices were higher than we had initially anticipated but booking the right photographer was crucial {to us} . . . and the good ones book early.  It’s important for me to have the emotion {joy} + passion {love} captured in the ceremony, as well as the happiness + spirit of the reception.  I’m also big {huge} on details {it’s what makes the day unique } and I want to hold onto these memories – to remember them forever.  It takes a creative eye to see and capture all of these crazy::lovely::distinct elements + moments.

And so . . . I am thrilled to have signed the contract.  I couldn’t help but smile as we handed over our deposit, knowing we had made the right decision with Stone Castle Photography.  Ahhh . . . a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I am happy {and honored} to say that our new friends, Phil and Jessica, will be shooting our big day!

Check out more of their wonderful work on their blog and FB page!

{our engagement photos coming soon}



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