Save the Date please!

Ok, so for awhile now, I’ve been relentlessly obsessive over invitations . . . and let me tell you, they are something I have come to loathe.  I know that’s a strong word, but those are my feelings {right now}. Invitations are something I prefer to go the DiY route with and I just can’t seem to make up my mind! When my FI and I find a design we think we like . . . I try making it on Photoshop . . . then end up hating it . . . and then moving on.  These are all, of course, head games, and I’ve moved on before Kyle even knows what’s happening. My mind has wandering tendencies – at times :).


SO . . .

I’m going to try to take a break from invitations (even though they should carry the theme of your wedding and they set the tone for your guests and the whole day should be based around that theme and how can you plan your wedding when you don’t know the theme . . . shoot, there I go again!) – this, ladies and gentlemen, is the how the obsessing begins and how easy it is for me to get caught up in it {time after time}.


SO (let’s try this again) . . .


Another important aspect of the “getting-the-word-out” process, are your STDs.  No, not those kinds of STD’s (a funny little acronym my in-laws can’t get over – hehe :P)!  STD = Save the Dates – just unfortunate initials I guess. 

Anyway, if you’re planning on having a “destination” wedding, these are a must.  I say “destination” {in quotes} because when I hear that word, I automatically think Hawaii or some other tropical locale, but really destination encompasses any place to which you’re asking your guests to travel.

Save the Dates should include travel and accommodation information — a polite way to give your guests a “heads-up” on how much they’ll need to save and to give them time to plan a mini-vacation out of it if they prefer. 


Information to include with your STDs:

Date (obvious #1)

Location (obvious #2)


also consider these pieces of information…

Wedding website address


Things to do in the area – see my list for Yakima’s 😉

Accommodations (go “hotel shopping” in the city and find group rates – I’ll post on this later in the week!)

Car rental information (if you have guests flying in)

Area restaurant recommendations


An STD can be a simple printed out letter just to let your guests know the important travel information or you can have a little {more} fun and take on a project like one of these! Remember, I don’t do anything “the easy way”, but that’s just me ;)!


{so fun. way more fun than invites. so excited for these.} 🙂


Brown Sugar Design


Brown Sugar Design

One of my faves, it’s so simple. I am in love the sign usage. We’re doing something similar to it :).


Brown Sugar Designs – can you tell I’m a fan of this blog?

What a classic piece of eye candy for your guests!


Brown Sugar Designs

Not an STD but it’s the idea – so cute!



From an image on Flickr

Again, I love the sign idea!


White Box Weddings


Intimate Weddings



love the casual feel and the print on the back – this one is going in my “inspiration archives” for sure

If you’d like something especially unique, here are some rather different STD ideas for you . . . fun to look at but maybe not for me, I’ll stick with paper — courtesy of Wedding Wire.


Row 1




Row 2


Row 3




Row 4



A really good place to look at for printing options is Costco! You can use their designs for more basic ones or you can create your own and have them printed through their Photo Center.  They even include envelopes in the price!

Anyway, I hope these images help spark some inspiration in you! Your STDs can be fun and a little more lighthearted than the formality that can come with your invitations.  

Whew! Finally got my mind off the invitations and on to my Save the Dates for a minute!

P.S. Wedding Terminology

I forgot that I was once a newly-engaged woman and didn’t know all these cool wedding industry acronyms either, so I’ll explain a couple to you that I’ve used {and will use again} so you aren’t lost :).

STD = save the date (so we have learned)

FI = fiancé (I pronounce it F.I. just like that – not sure if that’s correct or not)

MOH = Maid of Honor

BM = Bridesmaids

MOB = Mother of the Bride

FMIL = Future Mother-In-Law

BP – Bridal Party or Bachelorette Party – I use it for the latter

OOTs – Out of Town guests

And here’s a huge list of one’s I’ve never even heard of, if you’re interested!






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