“A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes”

-Vera Wang

Almost another victory. . .

Last weekend while visiting family down in Portland, the FI’s cousin, his little sis and I made an impromptu stop at a little wedding boutique.  Not expecting a whole lot and with no one to help {we hadn’t made an appointment and they were busy!}, I casually found a dress that looked cute on the hanger, pulled it out and asked {begged} to try it on.  Lo and behold, I fell in love.  The dress, in all its simplicity, has been a vision in my mind since Kyle was down on one knee. It was stunning, effortlessly beautiful and modernly sophisticated.  Trying to rummage through all the beading, lace and {frillies} that seem to adorn most dresses these days, I was elated to find something so modest and exquisite in its own right.  The dress is me. It’s classic and easy, something you can dress up or down and a stunning visualization of what I imagine our wedding day to be like.  I’m going to say it again; I think I have fallen in love. 🙂

Right now, however, I’m torn.  The thing about writing a blog and sharing all the deep dark details of my process and planning is that I a. either have to expose all my “secrets” to my guests, wedding party, FI, parents, etc. or b.  keep them from you . . . and sharing them with you is the best part. So . . . I’m going to attempt to do both here.  Kyle is pretty good; if he knows there is something he shouldn’t see, a surprise, a gift or the like, he’ll do his best to avoid the situation — I’m hoping my title will keep him at bay.  Now me, I’d look :). I don’t like surprises, I’m not good at letting anyone keep them from me {a rather annoying trait to my family, I might add} but that’s me . . . good thing that’s something we don’t have in common ‘cause I’m going out on a limb here for you ;).

Without further adieu, here are a few pictures of my wonderful little find:



dress 2

dress 3

dress 8

dress 5

{can’t wait to see what it looks like fitted :)}

I didn’t buy the dress. My mom wasn’t with me. I need and value her opinion above all else for something like this – it’s not every day you pick out your wedding dress. I have scheduled an actual appointment to try on the little jewel {one more time} down in Portland at the beginning of October in which she, my MOH, two sisters-in-law and his cousin will join me. Exciting!



P.S. Thank you to Micah and Lexie for helping me with the dress and taking pictures to share with everyone!


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3 responses to “{NOT FOR KYLE’S EYES}

  1. Jayme

    I actually teared up a little looking at you in your dress…so gorgeous!!

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