invitation insanity

I’m at it again . . . this whole invitation design dilemma – and out of all the big decisions there are to make in a wedding THIS is the one I can’t get over? Really? It’s time for more and new inspiration I think. 

The FI says, “just pick one.” If only it were so easy.  I find a batch of some that inspire me . . . we pick a few . . . I change my mind . . . I, now, don’t like any in that batch. The saga continues. Nothing has just felt right – you know the feeling? When there is no doubt and you’re just . . . happy with what’s in front of you? {like that feeling I got when he was down on his knee ;)}

I really hate to admit my obsession –and the fact that I just compared my fiancé to paper–but I don’t want it to be something I mull over for the next year thinking, “I should’ve done it this way,” or “I should’ve used this design, in this color, at this angle,” or etc., etc.  The list goes on. Eventually, I will have to “just pick one”, but if I want to use this theme/design elsewhere in the wedding I need to make sure it’s right . . . for me. . . and us.

Sooo, here are a few more encouraging pieces I’ve found, take a look, let me know what you think :).




Trendy Treasures

{maybe not quite this elaborate but I like the vintage vibe with the twine}


Oh So Suite

{l.o.v.e the twine and hearts combo :)}



{what modern “crispness”}


Fan Fare Designs

{something about the print to the plain with the twine that intrigues me}



{the two pretty colors and designs offset each other well}


Designer PI

{the two-tone makes a statement on its own}

Ok, I need a break . . .they’re all beginning to look the EXACT SAME

Man, planning a wedding can make a girl go crazy. . .

Have a good night readers 🙂




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2 responses to “invitation insanity

  1. Natalie

    Go to Etsy and look up rbgcolor in the wedding section. She makes all your invites personal and made my wedding invites unique and beautiful for our day.

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