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I found this “Fun Stuff . . . Getting to Know You” questionnaire on the WeddingWire Forums recently and thought I’d repost it with my answers for all of you.  I’d love to hear what you all have to say too so post back in my comments section! 🙂

How long is/was your engagement? It will be two years and almost two weeks by the time we get married – I know, it’s long . . .

How many bridal salons did you visit before purchasing “the one”? Well, if I end up getting the dress from this post, it will only have been my second salon – I got lucky!! (plus I tried a few on at the Seattle Wedding Show, does that count though?)

White shoes or colored shoes? I really love the whole pop of color on the tootsies look 🙂

get to know you post pic 1

{papery & cakery}

Heels or flats? Well, if you know me in person you know how tall I am {5’11} so heels aren’t usually an option for me (Kyle is 6’0). HOWEVER, I’m always wearing flats, and I’d like my wedding day to be different.  I want to feel like a movie star on the red carpet, so I am currently looking into shorter heels – may have to do something like this for him so I can make my dream outfit come true 🙂 hehe

Hometown wedding or destination? We all know this one 😉

How many venues did you visit until you found the perfect reception space?  Well we looked at a few in Seattle and three in Yakima – pretty much knew Cascade was it in Yakima as soon as we set foot on its beautiful grounds — this however does not pay justice to how many I researched and contacted. . . ugh, not a fun process when you are deciding between two cities!!

picture area

Ceremony and reception at the same place? YES! No moving around, no getting lost more than once – it’s all in one nice little package.

Walking alone, both parents, or dad giving you away? I’m going with tradition on this one – just me and dad up there 🙂

get to know you post pic 2 {Stone Castle Photography – Dani + Tyson}

Taking/took professional pictures? Yes – remember this post, or this one? I love, love, love pictures 🙂 {we booked Stone Castle Photography!}

More than 200 guests? More than 200 will be invited yes, but I hope that’s around how many show up – I’m okay with that number.

Spring/summer/fall/winter wedding? summer, summer, summertime

What did you/are you going to DiY if anything? Can you say Martha Stewart fanatic? Love her DiY wedding projects; I plan to DiY as much as I can!

When was your first dance song first released? I haven’t picked on yet but I’m a fan of the 50s/60s selections – timeless and classic

dance post 3

{Stone Castle Photography – Dani + Tyson}

Are you having a cake or cupcakes? Cake. I think the cupcake trend is cute buuuut maybe too much of a pain for larger weddings.

One thing you loved at first, but now you think is kind of ugly? What?! What a funny question, it makes me laugh . . . I really hope I don’t offend anyone but I used to want a very very red {like Lady in Red, lipstick, rainbow, clown nose} red + black wedding — it makes a statement you know.  Now, I really do not like that for a wedding. It’s too much and I don’t think it really compliments a summer garden wedding – what was I thinking?  

Okay that’s all the questions! Let me know if you have anything else you’d just like to know or share your answers with everyone too, I’d love to hear from you!





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