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On Saturday, Kyle and I met with our first wedding caterer.  I have to admit, we went into the meeting a little ill-prepared.  We didn’t have a “food budget” set, a list of prepared questions was non-existent and menu options ranged from steak to salmon to burgers to pasta (aka not narrowed down).  To be honest, we didn’t really know what to expect.  The whole food/service/catering thing isn’t something I’m naturally interested in and I failed to do the research before the sit-down (oops!).  However, talking to them made me feel better and gave me more of an idea of what to expect and all of the components we need to consider and, really, it was something we hadn’t even thought about yet. 

Oh geez, a whole new list of things to stress + obsess over!

Anyway, to say the least, this little session sparked the whole “menu” conversation on the way home.  We know we want to stick to the casually chic approach, with a BBQ type fare for the reception, but I’m struggling with how to integrate that BBQ experience into the wedding in an elegant and modern way . . . is that an oxymoron?   

Oh well if it is. I’m determined to figure out how to make it work. Found this for some “menu inspiration” from the Over Cocktails blog this morning.  May be a little too casual, but I love the menu idea and hey, it’s a start!


Grilled peaches wrapped with prosciutto

Delicious cheese plate




BBQ chicken burgers on white or wheat buns


Ina’s Potato Salad with Bacon & Eggs

Mother-in-law’s coleslaw

Fruit salad



Or check out these mini sliders and steak skewers from Flights of Fancy. I think that’s pretty chic :).


{Love} the mini speared corn-on-the-cob idea:


Culinary Crafts

These steak and pepper skewers look delish . . .


Brides Magazine

Check out these adorable mini BBQ sauces from Beau Coup, perfect for adorning the guests’ tables. BONUS: they can be customized – how fun!


. . . and some fashionably inexpensive hors d’oeuvre ideas for some pre-ceremony munching courtesy of Love, Honor & Cherish:


{frozen grape skewers}


{antipasto sausage skewers}


{cornmeal bilini bites}


{grown up ham & cheese finger sandwiches}

I also found these additional BBQ wedding reception menu ideas from EzineArticles:

Menu Idea #1

* Barbecue Chicken
* Country-style Pork Spareribs
* Sweet & Smokey Baked Beans
* Corn on the Cob
* Traditional Coleslaw
* Watermelon, Honeydew & Cantaloupe Skewers
* Cornbread with Honey-Butter

Menu Idea #2

* Sliders! (Petite style Burgers)
* Apricot-Honey Glazed Chicken
* Red Skinned Potato Salad
* Watermelon and Fresh Strawberry Display
* Farmer’s Market Green Salad with homemade Dressings
* Biscuits & Honey

My take on them — not bad, pretty stylish, chic and casual . . . all wrapped into one. Bottom line: the balance is definitely doable :).

Colin Cowie, host of the Get Married television show, suggests “collect[ing] tear sheets of food and cocktail recipes that you love, as well as photographs of presentations that you find beautiful.  By having these tools handy, you will be able to articulate your vision and be sure that the chef will get it right . . . [come prepared] with a set list of options and opt for more simple dishes that don’t require perfect timing . . .”  If only I’d done this post before Saturday ;). . .

The Knot {a wedding planning website} also suggests a list of 17 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Caterer . . . check them out and print your own list here!

Don’t forget to check out Yakima Valley Bride’s {wonderfully complete} online catering directory to get an idea of what the Valley has to offer here.

Hope this helps 🙂





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2 responses to “menu inspiration

  1. I feel for you, I really do. I loved our wedding…but I am SO GLAD it’s done…the planning about got the best of me.

  2. Hi Kadee
    I spoke with your mom today. You sounds like you already have many great ideas. Just to let you know, I’m excited to meet with you. As I told your mom, we are totally about the bride and groom. We don’t have any ideas or menus that are set in stone. Our menu is only a sampling of what we can prepare for your Special Day. Everything we make is homemade. Our cakes and fillings are special recipes and made from scratch as well. When we meet, bring your ideas and I’ll bring some of my own. Bring any cake decorating ideas(from the net or magazines) that pique your interest. I looking forward to our meeting. Feel free to call or e-mail me beforehand if you like.


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