Victory #4: The Dress

Hi readers, thank you, once again, for your patience.  I have so much I want to share with you.  I am going to attempt to post every weekday until I am caught up . . . if that is even such a state of being I’m capable of :)! Anyway. . .

How do you feel about feathers?

hideous feather dress 

Remember this post – about the cute little wedding dress boutique I visited in Portland where I thought I found my dream dress? Well, I re-visited it the weekend of the 10th {with my personal panel of judges} thinking this dress was the one I would be going home with . . . it wasn’t.

My style is simple, I usually have a good idea of what I’m looking for (some may call it picky buuuut whatever.  Tomato, ta-mah-toe . . .right? ).  Well, the dress I purchased wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I daydreamed of “the dress”, but the feeling — that wonderful, smile-all-over-my-face sensation — when I put it on . . . that was the feeling I was looking for — it just came in an unexpected form.

So let me backtrack a little . . .

Indecisive. Inconclusive. Hesitant . . . whatever you want to call it, that’s me in a nut shell – annnnd I think my “dress panel” from that weekend can attest.  I tried on dress after dress. Same style. Same impression. Then the first few again.  And so on.  All were a different design {though barely} and each time I asked my panel – more than once – what they thought. 

Everyone seemed pleased with the options:

a no 2

  dress from last time   mermaid 

mermaid 2 

pretty lace 

Me, I just stared in the mirror, trying to figure out if I loved them (not like — love). **HINT** If you have to figure out if you love something or not . . . chances are, you DON’T!  I felt defeated and ready to compromise — chalking the feeling (or should I say non-feeling) up to wedding dress overload.

Then, it happened.

I was lucky enough to hit a 2BE Trunk Show at the boutique with the designer –Terri – IN HOUSE and acting as my personal dress-picker-outer to boot — whoa!  Anyway, after seeing my reaction to the current dresses, Terri asked, “how do you feel about feathers?”

. . . ummmm, no.

Feathers = disaster in dress form (i.e. the picture above, it popped in my head right away). Not really me. Not really our wedding vibe.  Not really practical.

Good thing she didn’t listen.

I was pleasantly surprised at the beautiful dress Terri carried in. I had mistaken “feathers” as extravagance, when they conveyed nothing but elegance. And man, when I put it on, that smile-over-my-face sensation hit.  I didn’t feel like I was wearing a prom dress, I felt like I was in a wedding dress . . . to quote Say Yes To The Dress, it had that “wow factor”.  So, check out my little white “wow” 🙂

front view

{“an english garden wedding dress…” – Terri}

side view

{L-O-V-E the bodice — hey Mar :)}

back of the dress

{see the flowers back here}


{bustled — this is what sold it for mom}


{the feathers are perfect}

I’ll admit, I had a little doubt later in the day {did I choose the right one?}, but looking back on the pictures and my options . . . I was happier than ever about my decision. 

Doubts are normal. We all have them.  Have faith in that feeling inside you.  When it all comes down to it, the man you love would marry you in a potato sack if he had to ;).

me and the designer

{thank you Terri}




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3 responses to “Victory #4: The Dress

  1. I was super nervous reading anything that had to include the detail “feathers and wedding dress” in the same sentence. I’ll have to admit when I saw the first photos of the first dress, I wasn’t “wowed” at all, I was almost a little disappointed that it was a little, eh. No spark, so to say.
    The dress with the “feathers” it is perfect, amazing, incredible. You look spectacular! You made the right choice, DO NOT doubt it, ever.

  2. Ky Peterson

    I was part of the “dress panel” and you could just see Kadee’s eyes light up and the energy come into her face when she looked at herself in the mirror. I must admit that Terri, the designer, completely silenced the room when she asked how Kadee felt about “feathers”. It’s the right dress for the right bride. Thank you for including me Kadee.

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