I have a sweet tooth.  Big.  Huge.  Weak.  Sweeeeet sweet tooth. 

This weekend the guy and I are set up to meet with a caterer and will also do a little cake tasting/testing while there {bittersweet}.  It’s funny, when I first started doing my “nuptial research”, my eyes always gravitated toward the more elaborate, decorated cakes.  The more I think about it, the less I like them — not to say that the brides that do shouldn’t, just not me.  I got caught up in the fairytale, Disney princess wedding ideal there for awhile and have since, snapped out of it.  My taste and preferences have gravitated toward simplicity now {complex ideas – simple designs}.  I am very particluar and very much detailed oriented about every aspect of my wedding – wanting it to be juuuuust right – and the cake is no exception.  However, I do need to remember that IT’S JUST A CAKE! 🙂

Anyway, here are a few pieces worthy of a little spot-light attention on my pages . . . a little “cake-spiration” if you will 😉

textured cake for blog post

{love the texture}


something different I like about this one – maybe better for a Seaside wedding








{groom-approved cheesecake — how fantastic!}


{how terribly cute! A flavor for every sweet tooth :)}


{love the freshness & cleanliness of it}


{texture. color pop. cake stand. perfect

some cute little extra for the top?






SO CUTE – via Baumbirdy on Etsy


pretty bottoms?





oops getting off track — don’t need the accessories for cake testing 😉

Found this helpful Q&A with professional cake baker Erica Fill via All Events Planned and thought I’d share a few insights here — perfect timing for me!

 Q: What is the one thing a bride should splurge on when booking with you?

A: Delivery.  Nothing is more heartbreaking than to order a gorgeous cake, only to have it destroyed by the time it gets to the reception hall because someone else picked it up and delivered it.   Trust your baker to get your cake to your reception hall! 
Q: What is the worst story you have heard about a mistake someone in your industry has made, anyone, ever. Alternatively, what is the worst mistake a person in your industry can make?

A: One horrible mistake a baker could make is to not properly support the cake! Dowels do take up some space (minimal), but they are the difference between your cake staying upright or falling over! 

Q. What is something you wish all of your clients knew, or a certain thing you wish all of your clients would do to make working with them easier?
A: Always bring basic info to your consultations.  Reception info, phone numbers of contact people, color swatches, pictures, ideas that you’ve drawn up.  If you have an idea of what you want your cake to look like, then your consultation will not only run smoothly, but will be a fun experience.
For the full interveiw, click here!




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5 responses to “cake-spiration

  1. Erica’s Cakes are wonderful!!
    Just had one for my event first public Art Showing ~ Artspiration!!

  2. How fun that someone actually had one of the cakes! Thank you, I loved seeing my blog in your blog! I have a good idea for us…email me soon!

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  4. how fun that someone actually had one of the cakes!

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