Victory #5: Honeymoon



WE HAVE BOOKED OUR HONEYMOON and it’s so exciting! To actually have the confirmation in my hands makes it SO real.  I am already daydreaming about the sand between my toes, relaxing in the sun, watching the sunset — ahh the fruits of our labor {and by labor, I mean planning the wedding ;)}.  Yes, on July 26, 2010 my darling and I will be boarding a flight from Seattle to Maui for 10 whole days!

Neither one of us has been to Maui but have heard great reviews from first-hand, experienced travelers we trust.  To me, Maui says romance + leisure, a place to put your feet up and just chill for a bit – an alternative of excitement, or adventure, right down the road if you so choose.

So perfectly fitting . . . so perfectly us. 

On another note, I stumbled upon this absolutely adorable honeymoon video. I hope ours is as carefree and sunshiney as theirs was. It helps me visualize what our days will be like. I LOVE the 8 mm effect – so nostalgic, just my style . . . might just need to do something similar for ours :).

I just had an “ahhhh” moment thinking about it – may need to revisit this post when I feel the stress weighing down on my shoulders.

In honeymoon mode now. 

Found these helpful articles for those of you planning your trip too!

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2 responses to “Victory #5: Honeymoon

  1. I started relaxing just from seeing the pictures. And it isn’t just planning that you need a vacation from, its all this time/work/energy you’ve devoted to creating a successful relationship! 🙂 🙂

  2. kadeeswedding

    oh true! Spoken like an expert 😉

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