Hello Ohio!



I recently connected {via the blogospehere} with Brandi Hammerstone, wedding planner and owner of All Events Planned out of Akron, Ohio.  After viewing my posts, she became interested and began sending her brides over to my site to check it out. Also, not to toot my own horn, but Brandi was kind enough to pass along a review of my blog to the editors of Yakima Valley Bride Magazine.  Here is what Brandi had to say: 

Good Morning, This email is to provide feedback on the concept of your
publication being connected with Kadee Peterson’s blog. I
am a wedding coordinator in the Ohio area, with about 10
years of experience planning weddings. This concept that
you’ve created is such an amazing and unique idea, nothing
has been this “fun” to read in a long time! It is great
that her blog connects brides back to your site/information
because without it, I would have never known about the
publication. I found her blog, while “blogging” and
have sent numerous brides to review her site, just in the
past few weeks, I think over 50. It is such a good
connection to have and it really gives brides a good
“idea” of your good intentions with bridal clients.
My one solid point is that it is an AWESOME idea and you
found the most perfect person to team with because her blog
is terrific! Wish more people would pick up on this trend!


Brandi Hamerstone
Owner/Senior Event Planner
All Events Planned



{I guess I can toot it a little ;)}Thank you Brandi for taking the time to find a contact and write this wonderful review — it’s always nice to know where you stand in the crowd! 

also . . . 

Last week, I featured one of Brandi’s Industry Expert Interviews on my cake-spiration post, which is a series set to give brides and grooms an inside look at the companies they may be dealing with.  Wanting to switch it up a bit, Brandi asked me to do an interview {as an Expert Bride? hehe} to give vendors a take on what couples may be looking for as well as to help other brides in their planning process.  Check it out here

Brandi, this series is not only helpful, but entertaining to read and can be used by brides everywhere. Thank you for sharing this wonderful information with all of us. This is definitely a great find! 





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2 responses to “Hello Ohio!

  1. Would it be the worst if I told you I JUST read this. I didn’t realize you posted a whole thing, I thought it was just a link. I keep up with your blog, but for some reason this didn’t come out as a “new post” so I didn’t see it. Awww, you even included my feedback on your blog! I love that!!

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