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It’s about that time for me to start thinking about making a wedding website! I’m hoping to send our STD’s out in about a month WITH the website address in tow. Better start researching!

A fairly new phenomenon (within the last five-six years maybe?), wedding websites have become very popular among engaged couples.  With this new phenom has come a plethora of hosts for brides and grooms to choose from.  Some are free, some require membership fees, some you can customize completely while others offer 10, 20, 30 different templates to choose from.  How are you supposed to decide? So many choices! 

My research below — hope it helps ;)!

For those a little less tech-savvy or new to the idea, I found a great intro to wedding websites here.  The article also outlines some basics every wedding website should have, including:

Basic Wedding Info: the who, what, when + where

Directions and Maps: consider people coming from all directions and include helpful nearby landmarks for ease of your guests.

Hotel Information: if you’ve reserved a block of rooms enter that information here or use to recommend a few places for your OOTs.

Suggested Attire: let your guests know the feel of your wedding so they can dress accordingly (i.e. black tie affair vs. casual chic)

Fun things to include but not necessary:

Wedding Party Info: introduce your BM’s and groomsmen and who they are to you.

Registry Info: Most say its taboo to include on your formal invitation so this is a great spot to sneak it in where your guests won’t feel obligated to bring a gift but great for those seeking that particular information

Fun Stories: Use this to tell how you got engaged, met or funny stories between the two of you throughout your engagement that most of your guests may not know.  These are always the most fun to read to me!

Provide an Online RSVP: make it easier on your guests to respond via the net if they’re already visiting your site.

Things to do Around Town: cater to your OOTs here as most guests will be in town the night before and won’t know the cool places to go — give them a little heads up or direct them to your favorite spots, they’ll be sure to appreciate this information.

So you’ve got the basic knowledge, but where do you start? Well, like I said there a ton of great providers out there, but being on a budget, I’m personally interested in the free ones.  Here are a few I found and the basics they include.  Check ‘em out + see what’s best for you!  Has 24 page designs {with alternative color choices} that are pretty basic but easy to navigate. Includes the option of adding quizzes, polls, the guest list, and fave vendor recommendations.


The Knot This one seemed to be the favorite among my Facebook brides!  Recently upgraded to include over 20 designs and includes the option to customize. Offer coordinating STD emails, online RSVP and more!


Wedding Channel While the designs are pretty basic, this provider is unique in that they will make a donation to the charity of your choice whenever guests use a link from their registry page to buy the couple a gift.  By joining this site you get and give at the same time!


Wedding Wire Allows brides and grooms to customize templates and create their own unique URL {it’s hard to remember those long ones sometimes!}.  WW also includes an unlimited # of pages and a variety of tools + widgets {including photo upload} to members.


Momentville Jumping on the social networking bandwagon, this provider allows guests to sign up for the bride + groom’s activity feeds and updates while allowing users to integrate their content from Momentville onto other personal websites {think Facebook}.  MV also allows for customization, unlimited pages and RSVP management.


Whoa, a lot to take in! These are just a few leads compared to what is available on the net.  If these don’t seem to suit your style, try Googling wedding websites and see where it takes you.  Good luck!





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  1. is where I send my clients to design their free site. Check it out 🙂

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