Victory #6 Groom’s Gift

{Don’t look Kyle :)}


…remember, I said he was good with surprises so I have complete and utter faith in my honey…


Anyway . . . Groom’s gift . . . check!


He looooves to wear watches when he dresses up and surprisingly, my blue eyed babe {who always wears blue} does not have a blue watch! I found this little trinket at Kay Jewelers (on sale ;)) back in October, can’t wait to see him wear it on our wedding day!

I am also getting my guy a few fun honeymoon items to take with him on the trip (i.e. swim trunks, a magazine, outfit for the sun, etc.) that I’ll surprise him with in our hotel room . . . including this gadget:


As I’ve mentioned, we LOVE taking pictures.  The XShot 2.0 allows you to secure your camera onto the end and extend it out in order to take pictures of yourselves . . . AND get the background in the picture too {no more close up pictures of your eyeballs hehe}. LOVE IT!

Oh yeah, also got  this little guy for the wedding day too:


This is a surprise for the wedding day too, I’m customizing a “him” and “her” one 🙂

Need gift ideas for your groom, ladies?  Check these links out!

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Grooms

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Gift Ideas for the Groom

Hope these help generate some thoughts!




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One response to “Victory #6 Groom’s Gift

  1. Tessa

    You are so lucky that he never looks at this website. There are soooo many things he should not be able to see! And you are also lucky that none of us looking at this sight have big mouths that would leak the word to him 🙂

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