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Since my wedding-planning-research saga began, I started seeing a trend with these adorable, handmade + customized maps featured in blogs, bridal magazines and online craft shops like Etsy.  A DiY junkie, I fell in love with this {adorable} twist on the usual ho-hum diagrams found with most wedding invitations.

However – I don’t have a budget which allows me to spend $285 on a customized, hand drawn design . . . so I decided to take a stab at it myself! The result below:

{this definitely is NOT my first version or my last – I haven’t even added the Greenway yet!}

As long as you have paper and some colored pencils (or watercolor paints) you can create your own customized map too – NOTE: I have a scanner which made this process a lot easier. Here are the steps I followed:

1.       Know your wedding location and a general idea of where your guests will be setting up camp for the weekend.

2.       Have a few of your fave restaurants in mind to note on the map: remember variety and proximity though when considering where to direct your guests.

3.       Know the major attractions in Yakima and evaluate what you think your guests would most like to do in their down time. My map has some pretty general ones but check here if you want to send your guests on a weekend adventure or here for a more extended list 🙂!

4.       Click here for a real-view layout of the area (i.e. streets, parks, airport, etc.)

5.       Start drawing!  The scaling is hard at first but make sure you do it in pencil and mark light so you can erase without leaving too many marks on your map.  I did this step several times and used a full 8 ½ x 11 piece of computer paper.  Some pieces I even did on a separate piece of paper, cut it out and taped it on then would scan it {which eliminated the “erased” lines and allowed me to re-scale it}.  I continued these steps until I achieved my desired look . . . well, the current look anyway ;). 

6.       The last step is coloring, re-scaling it to your reproduction size on the scanner + making copies!

Not quite the artist type but love the idea? Check out this fancy little online tool {Wedding Mapper} which allows you to create a layout of your wedding city and mark your fave restaurants, cocktail lounges, shopping centers, etc. It also lets you add personal notes about each place you choose AND attaches the website! Even better, the website generates directions FROM any point TO any point on the map your guests choose! What a great addition to any wedding website and IT’S FREE! Can you see why I fell in love 🙂?

Here is the one I made for my personal wedding website . . . how fun, it’s like playing SIMS (kind of) :).

Anyway hope this helps + inspires your creative abilities! I’m hoping to have a finalized map soon {crossing my fingers}.  Until next time readers . . .



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3 responses to “Map It!

  1. I LUVRE that you did the Peppermint Stick. A little shout out to the parentals! Too cute!

  2. Love your map, Kadee! It’s adorable. You = so creative + talented.

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