freak out realm


I had my first bridal mini meltdown . . .

and it had been quietly simmering beneath the surface for some time.

This episode came on the heels of a stressful start in a new job {which I love} and, of course, the holiday season – an occasion that always makes me scramble, no matter how early I begin my preparation (hello, September isn’t early enough?  –yes, September. For real.)

Anyway, I was on the bus, riding home from work on New Year’s eve’s eve {12/30/09}, reading a bridal magazine (which sparked the whole mess, I’m sure) and out of no where . . . panic.

What am I doing?  Are my colors right? I’m running out of time.  How am I supposed to know what to do? What’s the next step? It’s almost 2010. What’s my theme? Do I need a theme?

. . . and the story goes . . .

I sent an S.O.S via text to my sister {and MOH} immediately, “we need to talk about the wedding, I’m freaking out”. 

Later that night, I did a little research on weddings, looked at more pictures, caught up on my blogs and read my bridal magazines . . . this made me feel a little better, but still not settled.

On New Year’s Day, the FI and I went to visit another pair of engaged friends at their home.  Not thinking too much about it, I asked the bride-to-be how her plans were going.  She said, “Oh, I just had my first freak out about planning the other day.  I started second guessing myself on everything.”

{gasp!} . . . ME TOO!

Boy, did that make me feel better.  You know, I read these bridal blogs and magazines pretty regularly, and they’re always entertaining, insightful, fun, inspirational . . . you name it, they’re it.  They really do cover everything wedding.  However, I feel they have neglected {or rather slighted} to mention the freak-out realm (dun dun dun). 

The freak out realm {as I define}: a state of being any bride is subject to throughout the wedding planning process.  An episode of utter panic and complete indecisiveness for no apparent reason  is expected to be experienced anywhere from one minute to several days.  Do NOT give up, do NOT quit, do NOT run.  Take a deep breath, put one foot in front of the other and tally-ho!  Note: most brides may be subject to one or more freak outs throughout the planning process.  Maids of Honor, please be on hand for assistance as needed.

The upshot – it’s completely normal. Your wedding is going to be one of the most stressful events in your life, so don’t worry.  If you’ve gone through this before, you are not alone.  If you’re newly engaged, this sensation is to be expected. 

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering, yes, I escaped the zone of uncertainty just two days ago and am currently moving forward with planning the wedding of my dreams.

Oh, to be a bride :).




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