Bridesmaid Newsletter

yes, I am that bride – I don’t think that should surprise you anymore.

and yes I made a bridesmaid newsletter


Really, it was necessary and informative – not a just a bridezilla move.  I’ll admit, I haven’t been the best bridesmaid’s Bride with three BM’s in Seattle and three BM’s in Yakima.  It’s hard to keep them all up-to-date on everything that’s going on when the ones that are 2 ½ hours away are, well, 2 ½ hours away.  They’re not on hand in quite the same way my west side ladies are when I need to say, have an invitation stuffing party.  When I do make it home, it’s hard to cram in all the meet-ups, gossip, laughs, love life woes and wedding updates into one trip . . . things are just sometimes forgotten.

Intro to the Bridesmaid Newsletter

Basically it’s just a fancy little word document updating your ladies on your current activities and upcoming plans. 

Here’s why the witty little writers over at The Knot think they’re pretty fab too:

It’s a way for you to let everyone know the wedding skinny all at once, in writing, so there’s much less chance of last-minute confusion. Also, putting all the information together for your newsletter will probably help you organize it in your own head, too.

Click here for more information on the who, what, whens of the whole thing . . . it’s pretty cool.

Here’s a snapshot of what mine looked like: 


Don’t have time to make your own? Need an outline?

Click here for a template

or here

or try this one here

Just wanted to give you options 🙂




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