guests in the {white} bleachers

I just had to share this little scenario because I thought it was too funny:

my mom had a dream about the wedding

she didn’t dream about my dress, her outfit, the ceremony, the kiss . . . none of that

she dreamed about the guests

they were all seated in bleachers


but the bleachers were white

the FI and I met through basketball, we both love basketball, it’s not too far fetched I guess.

I imagine the rest of the wedding in her dream went something like this:

the bride waxing it from the free throw line

🙂 looove it

additional basketball wedding inspiration for you lady ballers:






No, I’m not going to have a basketball themed wedding {though I’m sure the FI would be pleased}. However, there will be *kisses* throughout, of the game that brought us together 😉



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