Victory #8: the deejay


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dancing = tons of fun

You can let loose, free your mind, whirl + twirl, work off those cake and cocktail calories . . .

My family is the “let’s have fun”, dancin’ type and we will definitely be having a dance par-tay at our wedding. 

Got my friends.

Got my fam.

Got a dance-worthy occasion.

The last piece of the puzzle, a rad deejay – and I got him last weekend!

{check out my little interview/article in the new Yakima Valley Bride – I will post it later tonight}

To be honest, we did think about doing the whole iPod thing. . . . buuut, I don’t have time to make a playlist, complete with a wide range of booty-shakin’ tunes, find somewhere to rent speakers, find someone to set them up, rent mics, etc. etc.  It’s a hassle. Is there even money saved at that point, anyway?

Maybe yes. Maybe no. One thing I do know, is its one less thing for the me {the bride, the intern, the mom to a puppy and fiancé to a very busy basketball coach} to stress about. And that makes it sound so much more wonderful.  So, we made the decision to put in someone else’s hands.

I am picky about the music I want, and when I talked with Entertainment Plus DJ, I felt confident that I’d be getting what I wanted, not what the deejay thought was best.  The deejay however, isn’t called a Master of the Ceremony (MC) for nothin’!  They know how to play the tunes that keep the people on the dance floor and the reception moving throughout the night . . . I do not.

While I’ve got my wonderful deejay booked, however, I am still unsure about which kind of music I want played at certain points, if I want the garter toss, money dance . . . you get the idea.  How interactive do I want my guy to be? All things I have yet to ponder and mull over.  I trust Entertainment Plus that if I am against a certain “game”, forced activity, funky costume or whatever, that they will listen to me. I just want some cool tunes and a fun atmosphere, bottom line.

However, as a bride you need to think very thoroughly about what you want vs. what can happen.  If it weren’t for what this wonderfully helpful {and recent} Yakima bride had to say in reference to her deejay, I would never have thought about this stuff :
“…he refused to play a request my BROTHER made saying it was ‘inappropriate’ and further into the night he played a song I didn’t want and when I told my MOH to ask him to change…he replied to her “if the bride wants me to change the song you can tell her she needs to come to me.  Additionally after our toasts, he had us do a cheesy pose and smile for the camera…” 

So for my part, I realize I need to be up-front and forward with my concerns and thoughts in order to achieve the effect I expect.  Talk with the deejay and let him know the point of contact.  That’s something all brides should think about – don’t just assume it’ll turn out like you want.  Know what you’re looking for and make sure to convey those thoughts before they happen.  No cheesy, forced poses for me, please!

Still looking for your deejay? Check out YV Bride’s music list.

Still convinced you want to go the iPod route? Let this article help you make that happen. Or check out this horror story so you can take preventitve measures.

Still on the fence? Brush up on what you need to know BEFORE you choose an iPod for your event.

Still don’t have a clue? Here you go :).




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