Victory #9 Save the Dates

Officially done.

Officially sent out.


The photographer was my sister shot on our little Nikon digital.  The location, University of Washington’s Red Square at sunset on a warm September evening . . . how perfect.

The Process

I edited the picture using Adobe, changed the original writing on the card in my hands to display our wedding date, added the text in the left hand corner courtesy of and gave the picture some texture, which I found on deviantART

I purchased a corner rounder to round the corner (not shown).  I just thought it made it look a little different, a little more sophisticated.

Since I didn’t want to over-crowd the front of the picture, I made the little label (see it up there?) and printed them onto round labels to adhere to the back.

I invited some of my girls over for a Save the Date stuffing party – complete with wine and appetizers, yum!

I was pretty proud of these little guys.  While it wasn’t quite the direction I thought I was going to go (see here), they turned out better than I anticipated.  I decided to keep them simple – it can be a huge statement. 

I had originally planned to send them out in December buuut they didn’t go out until the third of week of January – not bad, but I need to stay on track.

Check out my older posts for some DIY STD inspiration , the Knot’s suggestions for STD etiquette or this page for some creative spark!

Not quite the DIY type? Don’t forget to check out your local designers and resources!

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