love is in the air . . .

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I love all holidays. I love celebrating them, decorating for them, making sweet goodies and adorning my outfit with the day’s signature colors.  Mom did a lot of that when we were younger – whether it was candy hearts, a valentine’s day gift or the most wonderful “I love you” card in the world, she found a way to make the day special.  I think my love for the holidays, finding the joy and spice in them, comes from her. 

Valentine’s Day is a chance to be completely girly, watch the chick flicks and mark everything with a heart . . . I’m so excited to curl up with my honey on Sunday night.






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  1. Ky Peterson

    When you’re so busy being a “mom” you don’t realize at the time how much of an impact what you’re doing is truly having on those that you are doing it for! I’m constantly amazed and surprised of the things you’ve pulled from your growing up years. For all the times I felt (and really did) mess up, I’m glad there were other things that were good … See Moreand true and loved! Parenting is the scariest job EVER. It is the ONLY job that when you’re almost done, you’re just getting the hang of it! I love you Kadee. And I’m very, very proud of you.

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