My Q&A with the Yakima Herald-Republic

In response to my Yakima Herald Q&A with Mai Hoang, a few people posted these responses:


1.      Posted by traveling at 02/08/10 06:17AM        Post ID#: #25846

At 24, there’s no reason you can’t pay for the wedding yourself.


2.      Posted by listenup at 02/08/10 06:27AM        Post ID#: #25847

I agree with traveling….also why is the budget loosely 10,000 why not 6 or 7?

Sounds over board to me if you’re trying to cut corners.


Since, for some reason, I can’t register to add comments on the Yakima Herald site, I thought I would kindly respond to these comments on my blog.

When I signed up to do this article, I was very aware the issue of money was going to be brought up and I knew I was going to be asked about my budget as well as other questions that are private family matters.  I agreed to share this information with the paper and my readers in order to show a very candid side — I was very aware of what I was opening myself up to, criticism and all.

Traveling and listenup – my parents’ contribution to my wedding is a generous and loving gift.  They are not obligated to pay for my wedding and had they not offered to help, my fiancé and I would have funded the event another way.  We are both very appreciative of everything they do for us.  Some weddings cost more, others cost less.  The $10,000 figure is based on the style and size of wedding we’d like to have and the dollar figure my family can afford.

Thank you for taking the time to read the article.


Kadee Peterson


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One response to “My Q&A with the Yakima Herald-Republic

  1. Marla

    Congrats on your article! That’s awesome, I’m so proud of you:)

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