Denying the Sugar

Damn you Reese’s Pieces. Damn you.

They just sit there at work. Everyday. All orange, and yellow, and peanut butter-y.  Today I had 11 of them already.  They go straight to the heart of my sweet tooth every time I pass the kitchen.  They know what they do. 

Since we all know what’s coming up in just 152 days (btw a holy cow!  is in order there – where does the time go?!), I really need to make sure I cut down on the sweets and get serious in the gym.  I want to be confidant on my wedding day, feel fresh, light and happy — not worry about an imaginary belly bulge beneath my white dress.  

I know I’m not the only bride with a sweet tooth she hates to deny.  I also know I’m not the only bride who wants to be at her beautiful best on the big day.  And, you’d also think that with just 5 months to go, I’d be a little more serious about my diet and workout regimen.   

I am serious, or usually, anyway.

However, I’ve let the longer work hours and mental exhaustion take the best of me instead of pushing through it and just getting to the gym – which is never as bad once I get there.  I have also been a victim of under-eating during my busy day and making up for the lost time with the sweet treats.  This, as you can imagine, is not a good combination. Go figure.


Lately, I’ve been better at hitting the gym – but not so much on the sugar end.  Once I get back into the habit, it’s never easy to get out.  I’ve been out . . . I like out . . . I need to get out again.  I need to deny my sucker instinct for the pretty pastries at Starbucks, my delicious, hand-made fry sauce with Red Robin bottom-less fries, the mini Milky Way bag in my freezer at home . . . oh yes, and not to forget, the devilish Reese’s Pieces who are currently kickin’ my butt.

Time to get serious. Time to get motivated.

A little flair seems to be in order here — inspired by my fave decade ;):


add the shaggy ‘do

subtract the ‘roids

Richard Simmons – inspiration to get us to the altar

yes, that makes sense 🙂

Need help staying on track, too? As always, a list of wonderful resources :).

Getting Motivated to Exercise

Healthy Eating Guidelines

Do’s and Don’ts of wedding weight loss

How to plan a wedding diet

Wedding weight loss videos

Wedding nutrition and diet videos

Local resources




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