bouquet uncertainty

I can’t quite decide what to do about a bouquet – do I want all white? Do I want something colorful? A mixture?

To be honest, I always thought I wanted color but lately, I find myself drawn to the classic elegance of a white bouquet against the bride’s dress.  I’m not sure why. Maybe because it’s simple.  I like simple. Though I sometimes I forget.

Is white too boring?

Below, some bouquet inspiration.  The top two are strongly my favorites.  Maybe white with a touch of color? 

 Yes, I think I like that.


Lane Dittoe


 100 Layer Cake

 100 Layer Cake

 100 Layer Cake

 100 Layer Cake

Lane Dittoe




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2 responses to “bouquet uncertainty

  1. Hey Kadee!
    Just leaving a comment regarding your bouquet uncertainty. I personally LOVE the look of a crisp white bouquet against a stunning wedding dress. That is what I am doing, I’m having an all white bouquet. Just thought I would give you some insight from a fellow bride. Good luck finding your dream bouquet! It’s out there, you just have to look for it 🙂

  2. kadeeswedding

    I think for some reason only brides like the white on white . . .? No one else seems to be a fan. I see what you see too 🙂

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