Aisle Decor

I’m in love with this new tissue paper pom-pom trend going on right now – courtesy of the one and only, Mrs. Martha Stewart!

The only catch is, I don’t want to force them into my decor to where it wouldn’t look right.

I also don’t want to use them instead of flowers.

And I don’t want to hang them.

Tissue paper pom-pom hanging is more for tea parties and store windows . . . I think.

I am in love with simple garlands though – they seem so whimsical and fairytale-ish.


In the midst of a little wedding discussion with my MOH yesterday, we came up with the idea of making tissue paper pom-pom garlands (similar to the ones above) and stringing them along the chairs for the ceremony aisle decor – much like in the picture below.

The garlands, however, would look a little more like these guys and be used to usher peope in through the opposite side of the aisle:



directions for the cloth ones

We could even use one to drape across the food serving stations – you know, give that area a little “pretty” too.

see bottom left: 

wedding table decor backyard wedding


 I love it! I’m so excited for it.  It’s not forced.  It’s inexpensive.  It adds the perfect touch to areas that can easly be forgotten.

And I know it’s trendy. Maybe too trendy, but I don’t care. Pretty garlands are my new obsession and with my budget, these are the only ones I’m going to get.

So all we need is time . . . oh yeah, time. Not a whole lot of it these days.

I think this calls for another DiY party with the girls – wine and apps included of course!

Let it begin,



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