honeymoon clothes – already?

The constant influx of Victoria’s Secret catalogues in my mailbox lately have definitely done their job — got me thinking about summer IN February (I know it’s March, but this has been on-going in the last few weeks). 

Anyway, at a time when I should be bundling up in coats and gloves, I’m now thinking about swimsuits and flip-flops.  Thanks VS.

And after catalogue upon catalogue, I start to rationalize exactly why it is these things keep coming to me, like everyday.  It’s because I need to start thinking about my honeymoon and the new sun dresses and cover-ups I’ll need on the vacation that will begin our new life together. 

A new life needs new clothes. 

You did your job VS . . .  guess you know me better than I know me.

Just like the Reese’s Pieces – damn you.

None-the-less, some of my faves that I’ve been daydreaming about . . .


sweetheart halter dress

ruffle cover-up

beach tanks

going out tops

short shorts

maxi skirt

Hope I didn’t get you hooked ;).

Can’t wait for the sun, sea and sand!



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