I’m Frustrated with my Fiance

I’m Frustrated with My Fiancé! article photo

I think through out the planning process these feelings are bound to arise.  I think frustration, in general, is a common feeling in the months of wedding planning.  It’s natural.  You have a lot do.  A lot to coordinate.  A lot of people, numbers and places to keep on track.  That’s hard — and frustration can often be the result. 

While I don’t necessarily harbor these feelings for my FI right now, I know have been there before. And him with I.  However, I came across the article from Project Wedding and found it pretty calming to read – it helped me get into his mind a little more and gave me new insight into this whole ordeal. I hope you find the information helpful as well – now or in the future.

Wedding planning is a very exciting thing – you’re about to join the man of your dreams in a very sacred and special commitment!  Not only are you busy with the important plans which will work to make your big day special, but you’re dealing with the guests, the wedding party and everything else on top of your regular daily chores. 

If you’re feeling a bit miffed at the groom-to-be, you can feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.  If you’re saying, “Help! I’m frustrated with my fiancé,” here are some common wedding issues and solutions that may help.

I’m Frustrated with My Fiancé for Not Helping!

Have you noticed that your fiancé would much rather leave ALL of the wedding planning to you?  If you’ve been waiting for him to jump in and help and he hasn’t, it’s understandable that you’d feel a bit frustrated.  Perhaps your fiancé feels a little out of place in all of the planning.  Men typically feel clueless and overwhelmed when faced with planning a wedding. 

One idea is to give him specific, small tasks to accomplish.  By getting him to help in small doses, you will feel better and he won’t be overwhelmed.  Often times, it’s a simple case of crossed communication lines.  Be specific and you’ll probably notice that he doesn’t mind helping at all.

I’m Frustrated with My Fiancé for Not Cooperating!

Perhaps your fiancé doesn’t want to wear the tuxedo you’ve picked out for him or he isn’t really fond of the flowers you’ve chosen for the arrangements.  Don’t worry – many couples have differences of opinion when it comes to the wedding planning.  There are a few things you can do in this situation. 

Is it that important to you?  If your fiancé really has his heart set on something in particular, is it that important for you to have something else?  If you can give in without being too upset, perhaps it’s the best idea!

Try to compromise with him.  If you want one thing and he wants another, is there a middle ground you could meet on? By finding a solution that works for you both, you can be satisfied with the results and happy with your groom.

When you’re frustrated with your fiancé, remember that his little quirks and personality traits are what you love about him.  Chances are, there is a solution readily available if you just be patient and understanding.


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