8 GB Invite

Yeah, I totally thought my Save-the-Dates were cool.  Until I saw this invitation, by way of Offbeat Bride.

Darina and Niko – bride and groom to-be – unveiled their 8-bit video game wedding invitations {designed themselves} on the O.B. blog yesterday.

Darina explains:

“We knew that we didn’t want standard paper invites. We wanted something for people to keep and remember. We are geeks. We love video games. Why not have a video game invite?”

The video game has two choices – you can play as either the bride, or the groom.  You have to beat the game (all two levels) in order to get the wedding information. 

Here’s the game, played as Niko:

The invitations/games are packaged in jewel cases with info packets.  The CD also contains:

“…an original soundtrack and outtakes (it took me two hours to get the “I’m sorry Niko…” line straight). It also promotes our awesome singing skills, by singing not only the wrong tune, but also the wrong words of the Soviet hymn.”

The packaging, below:

For those of you who are interested, here’s where you can download and play the invitations! You can download it with Windows, or, using Wine, with Linux and Mac.

Wow – guess there’s a whole new game brides and grooms are playing these days {literally and figuratively}!

But, I have to say, I do love the mix of 1985 Mario/King Kong – ahh the good old days :).

I’m a fan.

Game on,




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