Life’s Details

“Art is beauty, the perpetual invention of detail, the choice of words, the exquisite care of execution.”
Theophile Gautier

I’m very detail-oriented and I find it severly irriates me when people fail to notice the little things – whether it be my matching pillows and drapes (not that I have them yet – but I would if I did); the special touches on a birthday card; or the extra frosting I put on the cupcake . . . just for you. 

I believe details make all the difference, and my wedding day will be no exception — it’s how we distinguish between a special day and a party, between your wedding and long lost Uncle Eddie’s – after all, it’s a celebration of you.

I want to include everything that makes us, us in our big day.  A childhood favorite, family photos strewn about, the words he he tells me everyday weaved into our vows, mom’s barbecue bean receipe, the pretty little flowers on my dress which is the sole reason why I chose the dang dress in the first place . . .

Well, the rest is a surprise so I stop there with examples.

But anyway, why not? This is when you really get to show off your relationship.  These particulars tell your guests what you’re about, what you like to do and who are you in a different light.  Why not let them in on it?  Transparency is charming.  After all, they are there to witness this special union – you don’t need to keep that 6th grade picture – full of braces and pimples – a secret anymore ;).

Deatils – they’re also that stolen kiss from your new husband, the tear drop that falls during your father’s speech or the shared look of love and admiration as your mother prepares you for the first kiss of the rest of your life.  Those little tiny moments are what make this day live forever in your heart and mind. The ones that will make you smile and make you remember when you see them in the photographs . . .

These elements are defining.  They’re fun. Enjoyable. Unique. It’s definitley worth the extra effort to incorporate those splashes of you throughout the day.

Show it off,


See, details. How awesome.

aaron delesie











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