Victory #10: The Registry


People started asking – so it was time to deliver.

If you remember back to this post, I talked a little bit about the problems I was having with registering and how I wanted a honeymoon registry only.  Afterall, we’ve lived together for quite some time now and aren’t in a permanent home yet – how am I supposed to know how I want to decorate my home if I don’t have it yet? How do I know what color drapes and dishes I’ll want in a year or two?

People kept encouraging me to register for traditional items, however, and added that some people may want to buy a gift for your home specifically.

To say the least, I caved. We did a regular wedding registry and a honeymoon registry.

The top three things the FI wanted going in:

1. California king-sized bed

2. Flat screen TV

3. Nike clothes

(that’s the wish list ;)).

Me? I had no clue, other than a couple cookware pieces I’d been eyeing (and I don’t even cook yet – key word) and some home entertaining fun stuff.

Registering sounds fun, and I’ll admit I did have it, but I was a little anxious for the following reasons:

1. I don’t know what I really need/want yet – I just don’t, it’s hard for me to look forward in that sense.

2. What we’re in now to me, is a house. I don’t have the will or want to completely decorate and style something I’ll be moving out of in a year – and with our pattern, we move every year :/

3. I don’t want to offend someone by putting something down that costs $75 – in the same turn, I don’t want to put the cheaper $25 version of that item down only to find it rust or break in a few years.

4. I don’t want china – does anyone even use the china sets they get for their wedding? Unless the Obamas are coming for dinner, regular dishes will work just fine.

However, walking through the aisles at Bed, Bath & Beyond (loooove btw), I realized a few things:

1. I like cleaning supplies – good, get-the-grit-out, cleaning supplies. Afterall they are my Friday night dates lately (am I already married?? :)).

2. I like to bake. I like cookies, cakes, pies – you name it. I like the supplies that come along with baking.

3. We entertain a lot – especially in the summer, or anytime near basketball playoffs, any Sunday with football, family birthdays and just this past year, holidays. So, a lot. And right now, we don’t always have enough stuff to entertain with (e.g., place settings, warmers, trays.).  BB&B had a lot of great ideas to choose from.

The conclusion: we registered mostly for the stuff that fell into categories 1, 2 and 3 above.  Oh yeah, and silverware. We never seem to have enough spoons. And wine glasses. Needed those too, red and white.

All in all, we registered at thee places – Honeyfund (for the honeymoon), Bed, Bath & Beyond (way practical and our fave) and Macy’s (Yakima doesn’t have a BB&B :().


At BB&B and Macy’s both – you can add to, and edit, your registries online, definite bonus.

At the point of registering too?

Check out these Yakima gift registry resources

Here are some wedding registry tips including the top 5 things you should splurge on and a comprehensive checklist.

Thinking of registering at Macy’s too? Check out their FAQs for more info!

Be victorious,


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