Flower Time

Well, maybe not quite yet, but I’ve been checking a lot of vendors off my to-do list in the last few months and florists are one area I still have to look into.  I have no clue where to start with this process but it was perfect timing when I came across this helpful post by Blue Orchid Designs.

Wedding Vendor Hiring Guide :: Wedding Florist

Stone Castle Photography

Wedding flowers can help pull a reception together and help give a cohesive feel to wedding photos. Plus, they’re fun! I mean really, who doesn’t love fresh flowers? Ordering wedding flowers is a little different than ordering a bouquet for your friend’s birthday, so here are some things to keep in mind in your search for your floral designer:

Are any vases or containers needed to create the arrangement included as a rental or sale item?
Some florists will rent the vases needed to create your wedding centerpiece and others will sell them to you and include them in the cost. There are benefits to both the florist and you in both options. If the vases are rented, the florist can reuse them for other clients and you don’t have to keep them. If they are included in the sale price, then the florist doesn’t need to use costly storage space and you can give the entire centerpiece to an honored guest at the end of your wedding reception. The trick is deciding what will work best for your wedding and finding a florist who can accommodate your needs.

Do you use any dyes in the bridal or bridesmaid bouquets?
Artificial coloring is sometimes used to make a floral arrangement pop, but when used in a personal wedding bouquet, those vivid colors can easily transfer to your dress.  While you may have the best intentions of holding your bouquet a little bit away from you throughout the day, it will inevitably brush against your wedding gown.  Ask up front if they use dye in their flowers.

Do your fees include delivery and pick up at the end of the wedding?
Ask ahead of time if the florist will come back at the end of the wedding reception to pick up any rental vases or other decor items used in the floral arrangements.  If not, you may need to arrange for someone to pack all of that up and deliver it back to the florist’s shop.  Also be sure to ask if their floral delivery will be in time to have the flowers for pre-ceremony photos.

Will you stay to pin on any corsages or boutonnières? 
Your wedding planner or day of coordinator should be able to handle this if your florist does not include pinning in their services.

Will you include a physical mock up of our centerpieces for us to see prior to the wedding?
Creating a mock up can be quite costly and some florists include it in their prices while others skip it, thereby passing that savings on to you.  Determine whether or not seeing a mock up of your wedding centerpieces is a priority for you, and then budget accordingly when hiring your florist.


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  1. Kirsten Dahlhauser

    Check out Melia at Melia’s Floral…she’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

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