Victory #11: Cake


Yum. And a serious pretty factor going on here.

 The artist? Christie of Christie’s Cakes.

Christie and I met by way of my wonderful wedding photog, Phil of Stone Castle Photography (thanks Phil :)), and we were lucky enough to meet with Christie this past weekend while visiting her family in Tacoma. We even got to meet Christie’s mama – sweet family.

When we sat down with Christie we were pleasantly surprised with her wonderful – and completely delish – samples of vanilla bean and raspberry, fudge and Bavarian cream, lemon poppy seed with lemon mousse and chocolate with, get this, chocolate peanut butter frosting.  The FI was in love.

The samples were perfect. And my favorite part, we got to taste the filling. Seems obvious right? I’ve met with a couple bakers and tried the cakes at wedding shows and most are just cake and frosting. That’s it. The filling is the essence of the cake! Christie got this and completely served up samples we could get on board with.

Not only were the samples the highlight of our morning, but Christie was a pleasure to meet with. She was very genuine and was able to lead the conversation where I fell short.  When I meet with vendors, I’m counting on them to take the conversation if I don’t know what question to ask – she offered information. Made my job a lot easier.

This is the design we’ve decided to go with – simple but different. Looove the texture, it’s perfect. Now, I just have to pick my three flavors. Oh decisions, you never go away, do you. Especially cake decisions – they have to be the hardest. I want them all. Too many great flavors, I had to ask the expert to weigh in. I’ll keep you posted.

Yes! Another check off my to-do list and it feels so good. As far as dessert queens go, Christie’s takes the cake. Pun intended. Totally.

How sweet it is,

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