the RSVP card

I’m currently working on creating my invitation pieces.

Who knew there were so many ways to word the RSVP?

Pretty cute though – I’ll admit.


a Homegrown Wedding

the formal way

The favor of a reply is requested
by June 16, 2006.
____Accepts with pleasure
____Declines with regrets



Will ______ Attend

a few casual ways

We look forward to
celebrating with you.
Please reply by June 16, 2006
____ accepts _____ regrets

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

We have reserved two seats in your honor.
{ } Accept with pleasure
{ } Decline with regret
Please respond by June 16, 2006 

and can’t forget the crazy ways evite

  • Who’s Toasting: I’ll drink to that, My glass is empty
  • Ante Up: All in, Bust
  • Come Strong or Not at All: I’m Coming in Hot, I’m Weak
  • Who’s Rolling?: I’m In, Collect $100 and Pass Go, Stuck in Jail, Lose a Turn
  • Are You There? Roger That, Over and Out
  • Are You Coming or What?: Totally, Bummer
  • Who’s In?: On Board, On the Way Out
  • What’s the Verdict?: Committed, Jumped Bail
  • Got Game?: Bring it On, Sore Loser
  • Joining the Cast?: Ready for My Close-Up, I’ll Never Work in this Town Again
  • Who’s Connected?: Site Found, Error 404
  • Who’s Rallying?: Full Throttle, Out of Gas
  • To Be or Not to Be?: To Be, Or Not To Be
  • Who’s a Shredder?: Black Diamond, Green Circle
  • Don’t like any of the above? Here’s more

    Other things you may wish to include in the response card

    {courtesy of}

    • You may have guests who will neglect to write in their names, or who write illegibly. Solve this problem by numbering your guest list, then inconspicuously writing the corresponding number on the back of each response card. Trust me, you’ll thank me for it later.
    • Even if you are doing a “fill-in-the-blank” style response card, you still may wish to leave some blank area for guests to write personal notes. The notes you’ll receive will likely be a mix of simple, humorous, and poignant, but above all, unforgettable.
    • In order to get an exact number of attendees, you may wish to include this line “____ number attending”.
    • Some guests will assume that their guests/dates/friends are of course invited, regardless of to whom you address the card. You can avoid these assumptions by writing “___ of ___ guest(s) will attend”, and then pre-filling in the second blank with the number of people that you are inviting. Some may find this slightly distasteful, but it certainly does get the point across!
    • Include an easy way for guests to reply by pre-addressing and stamping a return envelope. You may also wish to include a phone number, or email address. Just make sure that email isn’t the only way to reply.
    • Particularly if you are inviting a large number of families with children, you may wish to include separate lines reading:
      Number Attending Ceremony _______
      Number Attending Reception ______
    • When I am invited to a wedding without a guest, I hate having to reply on a card grammatically written for a couple. (e.g. M__________ accept with pleasure). If this bothers you as well, be sure to include the single and plural forms, or write the response card so that it is universally appropriate.

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