my wedding accomplishments

Daisypath Wedding tickers

That right there, that’s my wedding countdown. And holy cow, the little bride is getting pretty close to the little groom. So little time, so much to do. Story of all bride’s lives, right? I’ve now been engaged for 1 year, 8 months. I decided to take a look back at my accomplishments in the planning process to give me energy and inspiration in the steps ahead of me.

set up my wedding planning book

found our venue

picked my colors

got my bridesmaids

purchased his ring

hired our photographers

shot engagement session

purchased my dress – picked up my dress

blocked hotel rooms for the guests

hired our videographer

groom’s gift

made the wedding website

set the honeymoon

transportation – thank you uncle bill 🙂


hired a deejay

purchased a guestbook

purchased the bridesmaid’s shoes

got the supplies for mom to make my veil

hired a cake maker

set pre-ceremony refreshments

ordered my bridesmaid dresses (post to come)

hired a caterer (post to come)

set our menu (post to come)

found our ceremony musician (post to come)

to do list

hire an officiant

finish the invitations

send the inviations out

make DIY photobooth

make garland for the aisles

finish the centerpieces

figure out the candy bar

make a wedding day timeline

set up rehearsal dinner plan

figure out kids’ table

hire a florist

hire a hair stylist

get the rest of my outfit

finish the BM gifts

all the little things . . . plus a few I’m sure I forgot

whew . . . time to get to it.


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