Victory #11 Rentals

Wedding rentals – check!

Okay so the rentals aren’t the most fun or even the prettiest part of the wedding, but I’d say, they’re the most necessary piece to the puzzle. You know – chairs, tables, plates . . . not much of a wedding without them.  For some time now, my mom has been working with the wonderful people over at Party Palace  to figure out how many we need of what, and I can tell you, they’ve been very patient with us!

Mom put our linens on hold awhile back and since then, we’ve been adding things (e.g., plates, cups, etc.) to our order,  increasing the numbers, getting rid of some things altogether, etc. Not only that, it’s a confusing process to go through. Not only are you guessing on the number of guests that will show up to your wedding, but you have to calculate the amount of flatware (forks, spoons, knives), stemware (wine), glassware, plates, bowls – everything – you need.

Do you need salad plates? Cake plates? Are you having separate silverware for the dessert than for dinner? How many guests will drink the cocktail as opposed to the wine drinkers? Are you having water glasses and a carafe at each table?  How many guests at each table anyway?

See – freaks you out a little bit, huh?

Like I said, a lot to think about and a lot scary when this whole wedding thing is new to you. Just ask me and my mom how much this stressed us out.

That is, until my wonderful wedding planner friend Brandi, over at All Events Planned, swooped in and saved the day with her words of wisdom.


Plate and Flatware Tips + Calculations

No one should ever be asked to reuse glassware at an event . . . if you must, have the catering staff re-wash glasses for reuse

Rentals are expensive – something to consider when picking your location/venue to see if they offer any freebies

Go with the basics if you’re on a budget, they’re cheaper and no one will notice

Make sure you have plenty of everything

Silverware – if you preset your tables (even with a buffet), people won’t take more than one of each and may cut down on the number that is actually used

Order about 10% over your highest guest count so that you don’t run out. There is nothing good about running out of plates.

e.g., Buffet plates and flatware = 2508 * 10% = 275

Glassware/Stemware Tips + Calculations

This depends on the drinks available to your guests. We’re having beer, wine and one signature cocktail. These are Brandi’s basic calculations based on 100 people.

Half your guests will drink either beer and wine and half will drink the signature cocktail.

Guests tend to drink three drinks the first hour and an additional drink for each hour after that, that the bar is open.

**base these numbers on your guests and whether they’re light/heavy drinkers**

100 people

25 – beer

25 – wine

50 – mixed drinks

Calculate how many hours your bar will be open and add/subtract based on whether you think your guests are light or heavy drinkers

Consider using the same glasses for soda, beer and mixed drinks instead of specialty glasses

Other things to consider


Water glasses for the table?  Or water from the bar?  The problem with no water at the table is that you will have the bar congested with people just wanting water, but at the same time, if you have it at the table you are paying for 250 water glasses for people who might not even drink the water or show up.

What we’re renting

Linens – lots of linens

Wine glasses

Cocktail glasses

Plates – Party Palace has newer ones and they’re very chic and simple, perfect for my style!

Linen Napkins

Champagne flutes for the wedding party

So what about the beer? We’re going a simple route and using clear plastic cups. We’re not too fancy and I’ve seen them used at weddings and haven’t thought twice! Soda – we’re having a soda fountain and will also be using small clear fountain cups. 

I hope this information helps you brides and grooms who have yet to step into the rental territory, just remember to keep breathing and use this wonderful formula Brandi has provided us with.

Thank you Party Palace for your wonderful patience and pretty plates and thank Brandi, once again, for your wonderful advice!

You saved my butt 🙂

Party Palace

2011 West Lincoln Avenue
Yakima, WA 98902-2412
(509) 453-0048 Party Palace


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