{dressing the groom}

The FI and his mom went out to do a little wedding shopping last night and came back with a beautiful blue shirt and a couple options for ties – they really did a great job, matching the colors perfectly and getting a feel for the feel of the wedding. 

However, come to find out, their trip wasn’t as easy as it sounded in those last two sentences.

Most wedding sites cater to the trendy, sophisticated groom – you know – the guys in tuxes with cummerbunds? Our wedding isn’t exactly that fancy.  We’re more casual – plus, I don’t want my groom melting under the four layers of “tux” in the Yakima heat.  Figuring out a casual get up wasn’t so easy for us, so I’m providing all of you – you’s with the casual, chic wedding too – a few pieces of groom inspiration.






What we decided on – the groom will wear a suit and the groomsmen will wear coordinating ties and shirts, minus the suit jacket. I’ve seen plenty photos of this combo – it really does look fine, it cuts down on the cost for your buddies AND it sets the groom apart from the rest of his line up.

HOWEVER – there is such a thing as too casual. If you go the khaki route, try linen khaki first. Oh – and no jeans – okay?

not workin’ for me



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