wedding poison

Wedding Check List


aka wedding porn (you see why I did not put this in the title?)

Well, we all know what the latter word in the phrase means, but how is the word supposed to mean anything wedding?

That was my first thought and though I chose to totally ignore the small epiphany I had while reading over the symptoms and complications (thus the power of porn – right?), it made total sense to me.  Anyway, in my inability to push away from “all that is bad,” I’m going to attempt to explain it to you.

Maybe you are you stronger than me.

Before I was even engaged (and I know I’m not the only one), I was addicted to wedding websites, books, magazines, blogs, etc. Basically anyone’s wedding that popped up with the next “click” of the mouse.  A form of voyeurism, I suppose, though in the manner of coveting another bride’s big day, instead of the fascination of . . . well, you know.

I would imagine what my hair would like, the silhouette of my dress and whom I would choose for my bridesmaids. With all the resources out there, it has become way too easy  for it all to consume us. The “wedding porn” describes a strong fascination with a fantasy world, which in turn causes you to become unhappy with reality.  For example, some of those gorgeous Martha Stewart weddings are just NOT do-able unless you have a party of 20 or those outrageous weddings on the  on TLC that, let’s face it, aren’t going to happen unless you plan to spend 100K.

This all in turn leads to stress – stress and a desire to make your wedding picture perfect. Literally.

As a bride, I know I’m micro-managing (a term I prefer over Bridezilla, okay?) and I feel like I have this idea in my head that just has to happen. I, quite often, freak out about all I have left to do, all the details, and all the little things – when all I really need is a reality check (often times it comes in the form of my mom, MOH or FI) to be happy with what I’ve accomplished.

A recent bride told me she had to “cut herself off” the closer it got to the wedding in order to keep her moving forward and with as little stress as bride-ly possible. I think this is a smart decision – my time will come soon.

On another note, check out the groom’s perspective on the matter – it’s actually pretty funny.

I wish they had wedding rehab for crazy brides.

Actually, I don’t.


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