wedding inventory

So you may be wondering why my posts have been so sloooow coming lately. My apologies – if you were. Amidst the busy internship, running around with wedding stuff, basketball workouts, puppy classes for my one year old dog and house cleaning on the weekends, I’ve been slowly catching up on my wedding inventory . . . rather than actual planning and moving forward (with the exception of my printed invites – thanks mom).

Wedding inventory, you know, figuring out exactly what the heck I have. It’s been just two months short of two years since we got engaged. It’s totally acceptable to forget what I purchased in 2008. Shoot, who am I kidding, the closer it gets to the wedding, the less memory my brain is holding onto. Yeah, scary.

Anyway, to remind myself what I have and to organize those little jewels for when I’m actually ready to start making sense of it all, I’ve decided to make an inventory book. Not quite as big as the wedding planning one (thank g), but a task none-the-less. It’s how my brain works, so don’t freak out if you don’t have one. Don’t think I’m crazy if you don’t think you need one, either.

Inventory, it’s exactly what it sounds like. I’ve spent the last couple months, here and there, going through my “wed stuff” boxes, taking pictures of what I have and organizing those pics into categories. These organized pages of pics and captions then go directly into my wedding inventory binder. It helps me know exactly what I have, exactly what I still need and exactly how things will be laid out.  No room for surprises. I hope. They’re just not fun. I’m already stressed, can you imagine what I’ll be in three months? 

Just my type A, detail-oriented (and a tad bit OCD) nature, I suppose.

If you need to refresh your memory of all the stuff you’ve saved up since that pretty little sparkler slid onto your finger too, I can say it is helpful just to go back and see what you’ve got. Get rid of the stuff you’ve changed your mind about or try to find new uses for it if the all-too-often notion of “what was I thinking” crosses your mind. It happend to me . . . a few times. Declutter. It’ll help you stay focused and organized (not to mention save much-needed time) on the big day.

Have any of you done wedding inventory? Or did I totally just give you another reason to lable me as “crazy bride?”

Oy . . . don’t answer.

Get organized,

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