Victory #13 Pre-Ceremony Music

My uncle {dad’s brother} – a wonderful and talented musician – agreed to play his guitar for us, pre-wedding ceremony.  We’re including a cocktail hour {or rather, cocktail half hour} to allow our guests to dribble in, take photos for the guestbook, mingle and have a drink or two before the ceremony begins.  My uncle played his guitar as guests were being seated at his daughter’s wedding almost two years ago . . . and he sounded absolutely beautiful. 

This is how I imagine it going:

Guests: “Who’s that playing the guitar?”

Me: “My uncle.”

complete with a big smile on my face

makes me pretty proud

how cool is that

My Uncle Pat and dad @ my cousin, Heather’s wedding in 2008

{I have such a cool family to help me out so much}


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One response to “Victory #13 Pre-Ceremony Music

  1. Ky Peterson

    This wedding is going to have so much going on, I’m going to wish I was a guest rather than a hostess!!! Congrats K&K. We love you.

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