through the eyes of a daughter

mom – my attempt to explain what it means to be a wife, through the eyes of your daughter.

in honor of mother’s day – your day.

{us all}

In just 74 days I enter into wifehood.  And the only way I know how to be a wife is from watching my mother for the past 24 years. With all my heart I believe I have the most wonderful example to take with me. 

She’s not perfect. She doesn’t know it all.

She sees adulthood – wifehood – motherhood as a two-way street to teach and to learn. She allows herself to grow.

That is what makes it – her – so perfect.

Through my wedding planning process, with me on the west side of the mountains, it’s almost as if she’s been standing by my side the entire time. She pushes me to make decisions so I don’t have to worry about them anymore. She’s supported me, rummaged through thrift stores, set up meetings, cancelled meetings, traveled many miles and raised my spirits when I wanted to throw in the towel.  Sometimes consciously, others, without knowing.

And a billion other things my mind fails to retrieve.

And the billion other things she has planned.

Steadfast support. That’s her. She shows me what it is to have and to embody. It never seems to wane.

I’m still working on it.

By habit, mom, I look to you when a question goes unanswered. And what it means to be a wife, will be no different.

Happy (a tad-bit late) Mother’s Day, mom.

I love you.

{okay, no more – I have to save something for the wedding day card}

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One response to “through the eyes of a daughter

  1. Ky Peterson

    OMGosh Kadee! That is about the most tender thing anyone has EVER said to me. It absolutely brought tears to my eyes which ran down my cheeks. Just when I think I’m the last person you want to hear from or you want an opinion from, you hit me with something like this. Motherhood and wifehood BOTH have been the hardest job(s) I’ve ever encountered and the two I take most seriously and the two with the MOST rewards…. like the tribute you just made to me. I had no idea. You didn’t tell me you’d written it and just waited…. ever so patiently for me to find it …. knowing that I would. I love my children beyond words. We are each other’s support, and we call upon it often. I am SO honored to have the two daughters I have. Your dad and I have raised the best of the best. It’s unbelievable. Words have not yet been invented for how much I love you and Tessa. My heart is swelled with pride and love right now. Thank you SO much. I am SO humbled by it. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding to the most amazing man you could possibly have found. It truly will be a day of celebration! I love you.

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