Victory #14: The Florist


Martha says you should book your florist six months out, but for some reason, this was the one thing I just could not figure out.  I have no idea about flowers.

(okay maybe there was more than one thing I couldn’t figure out – this one just hung there)

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to DIY or have them made.  Big or small. One bloom or several.

Oh, and don’t get me started on colors. You’d think with only two to choose from (orange and white) the decision would be easy.


Not for me.

After collecting pages and pages of lovely blooms, with no particular cohesiveness, I decided to – in the words of Nike – just do it.  As in, just make an appointment with a florist, then try to figure it out.  I certainly wasn’t getting anywhere with my pretty pictures chillin’ in the book

So, after a few ask-arounds and recommendations, I made an appointment with Melia of Melia’s Floral. Let me just say – good.i.dea.

Whew! She made me feel so much better. 

This is how it went: I took in a stack of pictures. She made sense of them all.

The restult: She helped me just pick.

And I don’t say just pick in a bad way either.  Remember, I haven’t been making decisions easily or quickly through out this wedding ordeal and time is running low.  Melia simply browsed my photos and asked me questions to get a good idea of what I wanted. And guess what, I answered with what I wanted. Pretty quickly, I might add.

Who knew?! She so easily and subtly brought out those little wants and desires  from the dark corners of my mind.  Those dark corners  which are heavily fogged by all the wedding fumes floating around in the www. Time to be cut off. 

{Well, maybe not quite yet. But soon}


Melia’s Floral

Anyway – Melia helped me make decisions and by asking standard questions, led me to my underlying preferences.

Huge relief and just what I needed. I felt so much better walking out those doors, than I did walking in.

Not only was Melia helpful in the decision-making process, but very talented. She brought in plenty of photos from previous events that ranged from traditional, formal and rather full bouquets and centerpieces, to more casual and minimal.

She also had – and this is what I loved the most  – color range. From deep inyourface color to softer versions, to a mix of white and creams. There was no set type  to her work and it was easy to see she had a wide artistic approach and the obvious ability to adapt to the bride’s style.

It was an easy choice to go with Melia.

I have yet to hear a negative or hesitant remark about this modern floral master and am so excited to have her arranging my blooms for the big day.

My mind – for now – is calm. I have handed this bigfat flower task over to the expert. I couldn’t be happier.

I’ll post soon on the pieces and blooms I choose.

For now – some of my favorite florals to leave you with.

Stop and smell the roses,

P.S. check out Melia on my vendor’s page!




garden rose


I don’t know – pretty white ones


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