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I thought about my dress and I thought about the bridesmaid’s dresses, but for some reason, what the mothers were to wear, slipped my mind.

Really, they are just as important.  They’ll be in several pictures and they’ll be walking down the aisle – tons of eyes on them. Why wouldn’t this outfit be just as important?

When asked what I thought in terms of style and color by both my mother and mother-in-law, I didn’t know what to say. This isn’t something I had researched or even thought about researching. My first thoughts – something casual is fine. Our wedding isn’t formal.

That, however, wasn’t quite enough. “Something casual” is too vague.  Do they wear heels? Is their dress sleeveless? Should they wear a cardigan? Flats? Is black appropriate? Is anything white, for that matter? Is a skirt too casual?

Well, I had no clue, to say the least. I really thought they’d know the appropriate attire and what looked best on them, I never considered that they too were going to be looked at just as much as any other part of the wedding party.  I found that what they were going to wear for the big day, was a totally appropriate concern.

So, naturally, I took Google. Many of the mother of the bride dresses I was finding, however, were for very formal affairs.  In other words, it’d just look plain wrong at our wedding. Then, I discovered the wonderfully, laid-back, dressy style selections at department stores.  They were casual enough for our hot day in July, came in a variety of colors and sizes and were totally perfect for a summer affair.

These places here and here , were some of my faves.  Check them out to get your ideas flowing.

Going a more traditional route for your big day? Check out these “Dressing Guidelines for Mothers” from ConnecticutWeddings.net

For a very formal day or evening wedding the mothers should wear floor-length gowns and these gowns should NOT be white. Wear heels that are appropriate for the dress but try to select comfortable shoes. Coordinate your accessories but leave the watch at home! For a formal wedding the mothers should wear a corsage or carry small bouquets.

For a semi-formal day or evening wedding the mothers should wear a street-length dress, again, it should NOT be white. Heels and accessories should coordinate with the dress. For a semi-formal wedding the mothers should wear a corsage.

For an informal day or evening wedding the mothers should wear a suit or nice “Sunday” dress, again, it should NOT be white. Or, if the informal wedding is being held at the beach or some other fun or unusual location, the mothers should dress appropriately. Heels and accessories should coordinate. For an informal wedding the mothers should wear a corsage.

And as always, some flair and a few Yakima resources for your momma!

JC Penney – $34.99

Jessica Howard Belted Dress – $34.99

JC Penney – $34.99

Jones | Wear – $59.99

Alex Evenings Lace Sheath Dress & Bolero
Alex Evenings – $184

Surplice neckline with split flutter sleeves and side zipper. Dyed to

Georgette Dress – $59.99


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