Victory #15: Invitations

Invitations have been on my mind FOREVER. Well, since 2008 anyway. Like that annoying itch in the middle of your back, they just never go away.

I know I sound as if I’m talking about my invitations with contempt, and I don’t mean too, but they’ve been a major source of stress and plain old frustration for me during the planning process.

When I first started looking at invitations, my mind began to swirl around all the cool possibilities.  All the colors. Fonts. Designs. Wording. Fun stuff, right?

Yeah, sure. Until you look at the prices.

These are just paper and ink right? You’d think they were made from fine china or slowly etched into glass by the monetary value placed on these puppies. Hol-yy cow. 

I just couldn’t understand paying so much for something that wasn’t even going to be AT the wedding.  And not to mention the opinion (not fact. not even a little bit) that “invitations are your guests’ first impression of your wedding so you better make it a good one” was getting old.  

I struggled with this for a while, but it is now safe to say I am in the clear (until I have to break out the nagging for those straggling RSVPs ;).  I was actually in the clear back in March-ish but by that time I was over those pretty little pieces of paper and quite frankly just needed a break from them. 

Anyway, after finally making the decision to design the invites myself and playing around with colors, wording and layouts, we sent our invites to the printer! There were a total of three pieces (two were front and back), an RSVP envelope and a fun little outline of stuff to do in Yakima (these I just printed at home).  I have to say, I was very pleased at how they turned out, too! 

Now, am I happy I made such a big deal about paper weight, font selection or color exactness? No, I’m not. Am I happy with the turnout? Yes. 

I finally realized, through this torementing-of-the-mind process, that even though I hated them and wasn’t able to see the value in effort to make them perfect, that I am a memory keeper. These invitations, they will be at my wedding, used as an indiscrete piece of decoration. Somewhere. Hoping to make it into a photograph and eventually, into an album. I’ll keep a copy of them forever, and I want to be proud years down the road. Yes, it’s just paper. But, it’s my paper.

For the addressing, I did no pretty loops or swirls, though I would’ve liked to. In a perfect world.  I simply printed them on clear labels, made them casual and ignored the “traditional etiquette” recommendations. Our wedding just isn’t that way. Who’s going to notice anyway?


all do you need for the RSVP card.

this may be helpful to.


This is the back of our RSVP, the writing is located in the bottom left of corner of the card.

I’m finding that a lot of people want to write us a note, especially those that can’t make it to the big day. Quite a few don’t realize there is a back to the RSVP but enough are and getting to read their well wishes and excitement for the big is so much fun. Totally worth it :).

 My finalized handmade map – way different from earlier versions.

This took a lot of pencil, a ton of erasing and thanking god that I had a scanner.

(and don’t show up at my parents’ house)


 This one was my favorite. We just printed it on our home printer and the colors turned out surprisingly well.

I’m a huge advocate for Yakima and have fallen in love with the city’s new identity. I really want our Seattle people to see this place can be more than their expectations may limit them to. I even sent to a few Yakima people, hoping they’d get a kick out of it and maybe even try a few of the places.

I’m happy to pass along the PDF to those interested.

my embossing kit. I love it. and I love my pretty orange envelopes.

final version

twine = pinthea

 and they’re off!

note: Washington doesn’t hand cancel.


printing your own invitations

Yakima printing services

getting them designed

local designers

coolest craft website ever –  Etsy

colored envelopes – any size

Envelope Mall – I went with Orange Fizz

p.s. you can order a sample

embossing materials



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