Peterson-Gray = engaged

And finally, our Yakima-Herald Republic engagement announcement!

Etiquette says (if you’re a sticker for it – which I’m usually not, but happened to be in this case) to run the announcement two to three months prior to the wedding. That’s not for everyone though, I’ve seen plenty of times that couples announce it via the old black and white as soon as the ring is on the finger. And you know what, I think that’s just fine. Nobody needs to know when or where you plan to get married, just that you are.

Announcing it to the entire city may not be everyone’s cup of tea either, but I have to say that whenever I’m home for the weekend, this tends to be the first page I turn to. I’m finding a lot of people I encountered in my childhood and through my high schools years have graced this section and it’s really cool to see what people are up to.

Again, and I will say it a hundred more times, to each his own.

Haven’t announced your engagement yet? Or your wedding? The Yakima Herald-Republic makes it easy with their online form.

be proud,



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