welcome back – this time for real

Well we’re at this familiar “starting point” again. There’s not supposed to be multiple beginnings in a blog’s life, but, well this one, there is.

No excuses, and for my own personal sanity, no apologies.

Like a PB&J, it’s simple really, I just needed a break. I OD’d on white dresses, cake + DIY. While I tried to come back for my readers my heart wasn’t in it and my mind . . . well, that was somewhere other than on weddings.

The question, in these last few weeks was, do I still want to do this? Took me a bit to get it straight but YES.

Like the tabloid suckers that call themselves Speidi, I’m not going anywhere any time soon.

I’m off – and with a wink and a smile – back again tomorrow,

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