the b-bash

Much like Vegas, what happens at a bachelorette party, should stay at a bachelorette party . . . unless the bride is a blogger {annnd I just realized I hate that word}. Don’t get too excited though, most of it will be left unsaid, but it was too badass of a night not to share . . . even just a few things :).


1. I totally wore a white foofy, tutu-esque dress, with sequins.

2. I also totally wore a pink sash to let everyone know I was the bachelorette.

3. Despite my hatred for phallic decor, I wore (for one split-freaking second) a penis veil. YUK. But when else are you gonna wear one of those nasty little things? Time for me lighten up on my NO PENIS policy for the b-party. No pictures for you readers, sorry. And yes, those are penis ice cubes up there. Those, those I liked loved.  And yes, my mom was there.

4. I got a blister or two . . . we ran around Seattle on a totally appropriate scavenger hunt, in heels and short dresses. And ran – as in literally.

5. I tried to cheat at my scavenger hunt . . . and still lost.

6. Discovered that everybody, I mean everybody, loves to sing out loud to Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing. Two words – video. proof.

7. Random strangers want to take pictures with you and of you. Or of your badass limo/bus – without you.

8. Bare knees aren’t the best surface to go down a slide on.

9. No food and vodka = straight up scavengers (pretty scavengers though)  four hours later.

10. 15 ladies trying to use a single bathroom, all at the same time, takes a little bit of patience and a sturdy bladder.

11. Confirmed how freaking fun, awesome and beautiful these ladies in my life are. So many bent over backwards to put the night together, make it up to Seattle and put on a smiling face for me. For that alone, I love them all. I wish I could do it all over again.


More bachelorette ideas tomorrow!

Get your thrill,



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2 responses to “the b-bash

  1. Kenzie

    lol. i did not go down the slide on my knees… i fell on my knees AFTER i made it DOWN the very fast slide!!! 🙂

  2. You’re bachelorette party was on my wedding day… lol… it was a good day all around! 😉
    Congrats on your wedding!

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